Next, trim your video to a duration of about seconds. Discover the power of Variable Fonts and additional typographic enhancements in Photoshop CC, including pasting without formatting, property panel enhancements, and paragraph-level composer switching. He offers private interactive online sessions and downloadable content to help photographers incorporate these techniques into their workflow.

Using your actions I saw a very pleasing image in about 5 minutes and with a quality of result I was unable to obtain previously. They are truly transformative. Using the Lum and Sat actions have helped me reach a level in my work that I was getting frustrated trying to attain.

SEPTEMBER 8, The Creative Composite — Iostacy Somewhere between the decisive moment and moving pictures lies the world of digital compositing - where multiple images captured at different times layer together to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. In this Quick Tip Julieanne reveals a technique to create a mask using the reflected gradient which can quickly be repositioned over time without retouching. Information about online screen sharing instruction over the internet can be found here.