Redirected from Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: After a space capsule crashed in New Mexico, an Outbreak and a surge of violence forced the authorities to establish a Quarantine Zone around Truth or Consequences. Players can pick any operator from any unit that is defending or attacking before a round starts, choosing spawn points as well attachments on their guns but are not allowed to change their choices once the round has started.

He already has a lot to do in preparation phase to set his traps up — having impact grenades for faster rotations is a better fit for his playstyle. Player Comfort Reloading Changes Changes to ammo update timings When you reload your weapon there is always a point in the animation where your ammo count updates.

Operators Bandit Fixed - The shock battery disappears when the barbwire it is placed on is destroyed. If you like what I do, please consider donating to help me maintain this site and seedboxes for my repacks.